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Custom Crews

Interested in fully customized, high-quality athletic socks for your running event, gym, school booster club, business promotion, or sponsored event?

Email and we will whip up a phenomenal design that is tailored to your exact specs/colors/logos.


100 pair minimum. $6.55-9.90/pair (depending on quantity). 4-5 week turnaround. Two sizes available that will fit the field. That's it. 


Design, Knit, Ship! 

Past clients include a list that is too long for this website page...

Last year, we served over 165 Crossfit gyms, marathon running events, and high school booster clubs nationwide including the Lincoln Marathon and Invictus Crossfit out of San Diego, CA (largest Crossfit Affiliate in the US!). If we can do it for them, we can do it for you, too!