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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you tell me what size foot the S/M and L/XL sizes fit?

A: (S/M) fits Women's shoe size 6-10 (Fits Men up to shoe size 8). (L/XL) is Men's Size 9-13 (Women's size 10.5+).

Q: What are the washing/drying instructions for the socks?

A: For all our nylon athletic socks, we recommend machine washing on COLD. For drying, use the LOW heat setting. This will eliminate fabric shrinkage, static cling, and will keep the socks soft.

For our "LIVE MT" collection of wool socks, we recommend machine washing on COLD on a gentle cycle setting. For drying, use the AIR DRY setting or hang them up to dry. This will eliminate fabric shrinkage and will keep the socks soft.

Q: Do you make custom socks?

A: Yes. Click here to get in touch with us and we'll hash out the details to see if you're a good candidate for a custom run!